MB400 goes into the next round and once again everything is different. Due to the ever growing attention for MB400, we opted for a different registration process this year. Our resources being limited, drawing the participants from a lottery pot is the most fair way to ensure everyone a fair chance of joining the event.

So, if you want to be added to the pot, please fill in the form. Needless to say, there are equal slots for those who identify themselves as being female and male. All those who don't identify themselves as one of these genders will automatically get a space on the start list after notifying us through the comment field. A truly equal division of start places is a bit difficult - we are already delighted to have played a role in pushing for a more equal field of riders and we are quite certain the demand will surpass our capacity. As far as further genders are concerned: we have no way of calculating the demand therefore can't specify a number of start places. We simply don't know what to expect in terms of registrations hence we opted for the easy way: just join!

After registrering, you will be added to the lottery pot. The draw will be at the 4th of April. By then we also hope to be able to tell you more about the mode of this year's race. If the situation around the Corona virus is still precarious, we will opt for last year's COVID-mode which proved to be a good alternative. In this case, the draw will be cancelled as we will be able to let everyone start anyway.

In case you can not see the form, please temporarily disable your ad-blocker. We are using the MailerLite service for this process, which is sometimes blocked. Also: please check your spam folder. The automated mails are sometimes falsely identified as such.