Maurice Brocco 400

24-hour challenge



It's time to sit back and reflect a bit. The world ist ever-changing but it the last two years these changes affected the way our challenge had to be shaped. Our challenge changed accordingly: MB400 is now less exclusive, but with losing some of its conviviality as a costly price.
Things are what they are. And more changes lie in close view. Changes in our private lives urge us to re-think how we organize the event. We are looking for new opportunities in cooperation to keep overhead as low as possible, to ensure the event won't have to cease to exist. Right now, measured in time, MB400 is a high-input, low gain kinda thing. Which is fine to some extend, but as responsabilities grow in life, time turns into a rare commodity. It remains to be seen how this will pan out, but for now, MB400 is hibernating.
What MB400 will look like in 2022 is still written in the clouds. But registration will open in January. Maybe, if this virus that's keeping the world in a head lock has stopped moving and if MB400 can find sufficient personell, a classic version will be one of the possibilities. This obviously would mean a return to exclusiveness, which is an issue we're trying to solve. To lift the curtain slightly: if carried on many one's shoulders, we could do both.
Stay safe, stay healthy, don't stress and hopefully we'll meet again next year!

Just a few weeks to go now and it's time for a new edition of MB400. On the 26th of June a time span of 5 weeks will start where everyone that registered (registers) can try their luck on this year's course. Like last year it will be a solo effort for all. Small groups are allowed, as long as it's in line with current regulations. Because the event will take place over a time span of 5 weeks, registration will be possible until the 22nd of June. Obviously there'll be little time left to find a good day to ride.
MB400 will be taking you far into the east this year. The first checkpoint will be on the border of the Lausitz area in Bad Erna. From there the route takes you through the Calauischer Kreis towards Chóśebuz. Then the trip continues straigth through the Serbski sydlenski rum to Hnašecy. The last checkpoint before the finish in Leipzig will be just west of the Elb river in Großkagen. The exact coordinates will be sent to everyone after finishing registration
Last year's route was very selective with its many climbing kilometers. Albeit very beautiful geographically, it's not necessarily only beautiful in the mountains. And thus, mixing our route types up a little, we opted for a route that's a tad friendlier for all ye non-climbers. This route being more flat, riders will be facing other challenges like head winds for multiple kilometers. We're looking forward to seeing all tricks to cope with this year's challenges. Will more people ride with aero clip-on bars and high rims? Will there be less solo riders? And will these solo riders be able to finish inside the time limit? In the end a route as long as this one will always remain selective. Even with perfect weather and 100% wind in your back Greg Lemonds words remain true: "it never gets easier, you just go faster".

With 2020 almost behind us (finally!) we are eagerly anticipating the new year. Will this virus that has been spooking the whole world be restrained? Will we manage to stay united and deal with the economic struggles concerning this virus? And what will happen outside the relatively safe borders of Europe? All questions that remain open for now. Which doesn't mean we'll be twiddling our thumbs, but rather organise another MB400 instead.
We've been able to learn a lot from last year. What mode the event will follow, we cannot say yet. We can say however: in some way MB400 will happen in 2021! From January 1st 2021 registration will be open for all. We opted for a different registration mechanic this year, to even out some glitches of the past years. Details can be found on the registration page, but in short: start slots are to be drawn from a lottery pot. We hope for a registration that is fairer and less stressful for all.
Until then, stay healthy and see you in 2021!

Corona has the world in its fangs. MB400 is budging, naturally. But not far. We've been working hard on a solution and found one in the self-supported bike racing stories of our little world. No limits to participants this year: everyone is free to register. But self-supported means no supported checkpoints, no support cars, no start/finish area. Instead there will be four checkpoints comprised of a box with a stamp and hand sanitizer. Your stamp card will be mailed to you. To make things easier, we decided on a timespan of app. one month, from the 20th of June until the 26th of July. The route can be joined on any point as to avoid unnecessary travelling. GPS Tracking is mandatory, as is uploading your track to komoot. They kindly offered to help us out, something we are absolutely delighted about!
With komoot on board, we finally have the solution we wanted: a podium for people to come together, albeit digitally. If you tag the Maurice Brocco 400 account in your ride, it will added to our collection. This way everyones routes will be visible, making it real easy to get an idea on what's going on! More honey: komoot is giving away vouchers for the region of choice you want to start from (and finish in, of course). As long as the route starts and ends at the same point, you will be able to transfer it to your GPS device. It then doesn't matter if the route exist that region, as long as it enters back. So that's it. All is different, but we just change with it, do the best we can.

Happy 2020 everyone! I can hardly believe it, but I regret to have to tell you that the 5th anniversary of MB400 is already sold out! Registration barely went live and already I had to close it due to the big demand. I am sorry for everyone that wanted to ride and didn't manage to get a spot but also am very proud that apparently the idea of MB400 appeals to so many of you cyclists. Now it could very well be that some slots will open up again the coming months. To apply for a spot on the waiting list, please send a mail. If slots open up, this will be communicated through this website, instagram and facebook. That's it for now, now it's training time!

Ladies first! Officially registration for this year's MB400 is due the 01st of January 2020. However, to ensure a more equal field of participants we came up with a few ideas. One of which is the following: if you don't identify as cis-male, you can now register. There is a special Facebook group for all enquiries in this regard. No facebook account? No worries, just send us a mail!

The event

Denn der Mensch, der zur schwankenden Zeit auch schwankend gesinnt ist, der vermehret das Übel und breitet es weiter und weiter.


The idea is you can plan yourselves. Thanks to our partner komoot it couldn't be easier! To find out what the 2020 edition looked like: click here!
This year's checkpoints are roughly set. More detailed information will follow shortly.

Checkpoint A:
Roter Stern Leipzig
Teichstr. 12
04277 Leipzig
51.306848, 12.367715

Checkpoint B:
Bad Erna

Checkpoint C:
Chóśebuz / Cottbus

Checkpoint D:
Hnašecy / Gnaschwitz

Checkpoint E:

All I need

We’re looking forward to seeing you ride!

To make for a smooth, safe and fair journey, please make sure you have the following gear on you:

Safety advice


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